// sav014 Tree Of Life //
Family Moments 0 2:57 Piano, cello & violin weave hope & melancholy in the intro @ 0:42 the orchestra joins & unfolds a passage through the generations, expressing Love, Hope, Joy, Laughter & Memories. Could there be more Feelings, Emotions & Rejoicing of the heart?..? sav014-01 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Prayer of St.Jude 0 3:08 Mysterious virtuoso violing floats nearer, w/ gentle piano notes, the cello laments @ 0:58 The orchestra enters, describing the deep scope and purity of it's message @ 1:50 this grand-scale narrative erupts into a devine message of hope, glory & deliveran sav014-02 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Escape of the Tribal Elders 0 3:07 Floating mystical intro /w Introspective piano, native drums & melodies @ 1:21 Urging strings & tribal flute state a confident & hopeful decision @ 1:58 insistent low synth, drums, enthnic flute & ever growing orchestra indicate the dangers & epic magnit sav014-03 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Secret Agent Mom 0 3:06 The ultimate Secret Agent multy act, constantly unfolding & expanding story. Fully orchestral with massive hybrid energy from the driving drum-kit. this scene is either tongue in cheek or serious. Drive your Mini Cooper down a set of stairs with t sav014-04 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Winter Scene 0 2:40 Snow Flakey piano & harp notes shimmering in this wonderland. @ 0:50 the warm violin and cello melodies give the cozy fireside perspective. Reflective and somewhat melancholy in it's conclusion, with oboe, piano and a bit of icy sound design. sav014-05 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Panic in the Scullery 0 2:57 Agitated strings and piano notes create urgency & nervous forward momentum.Orchestra & low piano hits really creats an atmosphere of panic. Mysterious & suspenseful is the interlude & ending sav014-06 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Dawn Star 0 3:21 Clouds of stars /w an occasional twinkle, strings, bells and flowing piano notes, give this romantic and or melancholy anecdote a magical atmosphere. It all comes to an end with a concerted emotional effort of all instruments involved. sav014-07 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Canyon Hunter 0 2:45 Dark shadows jump. At the bottom of this scary abyss no-one feels safe, an uneasy interplay with strings, hits and low piano set the tone, it then unfolds into big hits with ochestral mayhem. Keep on running to stay ahead of the relentless hunter. sav014-08 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Morning Rain 0 3:01 Stacatto strings, cello, soft stated piano notes & gentle percussion enthrall those that watch this scene of togetherness & life's rewards. sav014-09 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Flight of the Eagle 0 2:38 Undulating whirling piano notes & rising strings create the joyeus thermals to carry our hearts into skies beyond the daily mundane, the orchestra, soft choir notes & gentle sub bass pushes us on and on, free as an eagle. sav014-10 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Zen Dynasty 0 3:10 Asian flutes call out of the mist mysteriously, punctuated by taiko hits. The piano, & orchestra join this far away story & crescendo to a moment of intense tension. Then @ 1:17 it continues with varying dynamics and emotions. sav014-11 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Murderous Intent 0 2:52 Suspenseful harp and vibe imply the soft creepy movements of a dark mind. @ 1:52 the deed is done. The spooky house remains pained and otherworldly, with ghostly bells, trembling strings and icy cold sound design. sav014-12 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link

Album Description:

Sweeping & dazzling, refined & emotional musical journeys, Staying true to musical excellence /w L.A's best musicians and exceptional acoustical spaces. Telling auditory stories, bursting /w wonder, magnificance, suffering and triumph