// sav011 Nemesis //
Rise of the Immortals 0 03:14 Flying strings, high impact slams intro, creating a huge build @0:37 death metal orchestra @0:52 break down into piano and string interplay /w percolating audio design nastiness, rebuilding into an epic hybrid annihilation of all that is. sav011-01 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Leviathan 0 02:22 Celestial voice & shimmering string open @1:06 Agitated orchestra & immense hammering drums rise to cosmic vista grandeur, take a breath @1:41 Hyper agitated strings ripple & huge percussive sound design thrust this law breaking enormity across the border sav011-02 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Into Darkness 0 03:22 Provocative female vocals electrify. Gloomy and disturbing sound elements & huge drums whine & blast. Powerful strings and brass take it all over the top & ultimately creating one of the most powerful anthems ever. sav011-03 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Loss of Control 0 02:36 Evocative unchaste female rock vocal singes and rules this massive rousing cinematic statement, hammering hits and drums punch through, while mighty strings whirl around the beat, grunged by scathing sound design and power guitar riffs sav011-04 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Cosmic Skies 0 03:05 Flowing female vocals color and warm this ethereal yet powerful masterpiece, intertwining her voice with full symphonic orchestra, dynamic guitars & splashing drums @1:50 a children's choir suspends reality for a moment with an angelic interlude, to then sav011-05 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Deed and Destiny 0 02:51 Wondrous strings open, growing & rising to breath taking vacuum stop @0:28 Return of wonder in string melodies & strong percussive punctuation, ever spreading into a 3rd act of more hybrid orchestral splendor, a cinematic outburst calling for what is good sav011-06 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Danse Macabre 0 02:42 Mysterious ghostly string quartet waltz as if viewed through a keyhole @0:30 Out bursts a nightmarish undulating orchestral waltz, joined by massive percussion @1:36 it all detonates into huge choirs and screaming orch. & freakish sound design @2:18 every sav011-07 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Nemesis 0 02:49 Luscious and heartwarming string open @0:35 Agitated strings and a ever growing full orchestral rise takes us @1:25 to bone battering percussion & sound design slams, merging this onslaught with full orchestra, EFX & choir shouts continually intensifying sav011-08 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Pantheon 0 04:04 Delicate piano notes, echoing guitar & sound design elements twinkle and sparkle, weaving an emotive grand tapestry /w exhilarating lush strings & brass, growing & evolving deeper&deeper into your heart, rising until the spirit nearly bursts @2:21 it take sav011-09 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Lost Galaxy 0 02:48 Otherworldly repeating notes, soft deep hits @0:30 Nervous strings & antsy sound design set a tone of nervous anticipation @1:07 percussion & orchestra joins to heighten the anticipation @1:44 the whole orchestra roars & is joined by rock drums & guitar, sav011-10 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Beyond the Bounds of Joy 0 03:54 Everyone everywhere join exuberant hearts /w this super joyous ever expanding rousing ode to hope and happiness. Gobbling up all beings in it?s infectious ever expanding orchestral elation, powerful smiley synth-lines & mega drums, no soul left in the uni sav011-11 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Degeneration 0 02:33 Alarm surge open /w threatening cannon hits, ominous strings & sound design, rising into as big stop, from here the thunderous orchestral, heavy metal guitar & sound design ill will keeps building, ultimately doubling in energy adding angst to any dangero sav011-12 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link

Album Description:

When shadows reach for the fearing heart, out comes the luminous clarity of hope, Nemesis is an emotional roller-coaster, a collection of the most exciting, distressing and lush Hybrid 80 piece Orchestral cues, ,w stop-downs and mind-blowing sound-design