// wpm070 After Hours - Late Night Grooves //
Streetlife 0 03:13 Dusty grooves with tons of soul. Gritty drums and mellow keys set the confident tone, before a rhythmic backing vocal and guitar join the funky, laid-back bassline. After a short break with airy synths, the groove returns with a gorgeous electric piano so wpm070-01 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Into The Evening 0 03:26 A groove that steadily pushes without losing its cool. Simple, even drums keep things moving, with smooth brass and keys providing gentle melodies. A short break allows the bass and piano to take the spotlight, before the full band returns one last time. wpm070-02 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Saturday Night Dining 0 03:40 Positive, confident and glamourous. A laid-back piano melody begins the song, soon to be joined by a full horn section. A short solo piano break ensues before the full band gradually returns, leading the track to it?s cheerful finale. wpm070-03 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Midnight Calling 0 03:01 A little bit of attitude and a touch of grit. The ambient opening setting up a serious but sexy guitar solo. Let the romance begin as the solo trumpet trades melodies with the guitar, the spaced out chords from the keys and rhythm guitars providing the al wpm070-04 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Lazy Sunday 0 03:14 Full of swagger without breaking a sweat. Mellow keys set the mood, the groovy bassline and vocal providing a backdrop for the cheerful guitar melodies. An electric piano and layered guitar riffs keep things rhythmic, with just the right amount of funky! wpm070-05 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Daydreamer 0 03:17 Pensive and laid-back, an uplifting piano melody opens the track before smooth backing vocals and light drums join the mix. A muted trumpet solo plays a somber, reflective melody eventually backed by a saxophone that riffs in unison to the finale. wpm070-06 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Sunset Groove 0 03:24 Supremely cool with a large dose of funk. A lone organ sets the mood with smooth backing vocals and a groovy rhythm section. Electric guitars keep things sexy before an instrumental middle eight section allows the keys, guitar and organ to have some fun o wpm070-07 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Waves 0 03:06 Fast paced yet deep in groove. Shuffling drums start the track, followed by big, confident piano chords. The pace picks up as a rock organ joins the mix, eventually leading to an energetic and raucous crescendo! wpm070-08 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Mirrors 0 02:38 Uptempo but mellow. The light drums and arpeggiated keys keep things moving, whilst calm strings glide above. A brief key change brings a more serious tone, before leading the song back to it?s cheerful and uplifting opening. wpm070-09 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
New Day 0 03:24 Confident, uplifting and inspirational. Ambient synths paired with a rhythmic piano, later joined by light drums that help push things along. Arpeggiated synth lines take the lead, followed by a brief solo piano interlude before everything returns for the wpm070-10 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link

Album Description:

A smooth collection of late night lounge grooves